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Some of My Favorite Running Videos

You know most of us spend a lot of time on YouTube and it doesn’t always have to be for music videos or funny kitten movies. YouTube has a lot of great videos about running. You can find everything from inspirational/motivational videos to instructional videos on the best form and technique.

You can watch videos about running just to learn something new, get some needed motivation, or to start forming a comprehensive training strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite running videos on YouTube.

The Science of Marathon Running

A great video from PBS that discusses some of the actual science behind marathon running. Instructive and intelligent. You’ll be a smarter runner for watching this.

Without Limits

This is a purely inspirational video featuring Kenensia Bekele, Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and others. It’s designed to inspire you to get up out of the chair and out there running. Watch it and see if it works for you.


This is a slick and highly produced inspirational video. Watch it and you can’t help but want to get out there and run!

Running Tips for Beginners

A detailed video from YouTuber Durianrider that offers some tips and tricks for newbie runners.

Top 10 Legendary Victories in Running

This is a countdown (with some nice background detail) on some of the very best finishes in running history. It includes finishes both from long-distance events and track and field events. It shows the drive to win lies deep inside each and every one of us.

The nice thing is that all of these videos are available on YouTube so you can stream them from your mobile device while you’re out there on your run. You can also use a YouTube downloader to pre-download them to your computer or device so that you don’t eat up your data allowance while you’re out there on the roads or trails. And if like me you need to watch WMV files on your Mac, it’s as easy as using VLC Media Player from VideoLan.




Recovery Run

Tips and Techniques for a Better Half Marathon Recovery

When you are preparing for the race, a half marathon is something that you may get incredible commitment in to. If you might have run them several instances in the past, you understand what it requires; for first time runners, who’ve set in many months of instruction, and are done with their first race, you might not know how much it took out of your body, to teach, and finally finish the cross country run that you just have concluded.

Because of this, you need to get large recovery from your race, to assist you to finally get your coaching underway again for the following race, see through the painful sensation, and ease the sore muscles! Within this half marathon restoration guide, you will find a number of simple tips to consider; regardless of how many races you have run, these steps should be taken by every runner, to get their physique back in form, and rebuild the fuel they have lost in preparation of that extended race.

Ice Baths

To help with a quick recovery after working the race, using ice baths a couple of hours after the race, or more to a couple of days after the race, can help your muscles relax, and recoup. Toes, and knees, in a trash barrel or tub filled with ice, if you can’t handle the ice bath, at least ice down the legs. The usage of ice packs on the quads, help increase the recovery of your muscles, and and other regions of the physique after a race, can also help in the recovery procedure.

Ice baths help constrict blood vessels, and flush-out waste products from your affected tissues within your body after a run. The ice also helps to reduce in the amount of swelling help in tissue malfunction, and which is seen post race, after you finish your half marathon race.

Examine Your Diet

It is important to stick to your balanced diet after the race, and the times following; many people believe it is time to eat whatever they need, and to splurge – this just isn’t the case. Focus on to help restore the misplaced energy amounts, a healthful balance of carbohydrates, and high protein content in to provide a thin supply of fuel, the diet and kilo cals. Protein helps in the rebuilding and mending of broken muscles and muscle tissue, which is a result of the race; therefore, tons of lean proteins in the following days, will help in the healing process, and help with the pain you might be feeling too.


It truly is crucial to hydrate the physique as often as potential, even if you do not feel thirsty after the race, hrs after, and times after the race. A critical part in the recovery procedure, will be to restore the balance of fluids in the body. For the day of, and a number of days following the race, you should drink tons of water, and sports beverages.

Hydration, replenishing the electrolyte amounts in the body, and helping replenish the sodium amounts in the body, will happen when you have sports drinks. Because of the fact that you just become dehydrated during the race (whether or not you sense it), you need to replenish after the race.

Take a Break – Rest from Exercise

Some runners (notably more superior runners), need to get out there and start preparing right away; this should be prevented without exceptions. You must resist the impulse to start training right away; the physique needs some time off; at the quite least, a few days should be taken off. It is going to take about two weeks to completely recover in the wounded and damaged muscles, after a half marathon; during now, you should avoid long runs, and avoid heavy lifting. Choose lighter jogs, quick distances, if you do workout or run, and avoid weight lifting for some time. Less is more, specially for the first few weeks after the race’s judgment.

Wear Compression Gear

You understand it can help with your rate; but, this kind of apparel can also help with the recovery, if you use it during the race.Compression gear can help remove the build-up of lactate; it can also lessen the amounts of soreness which you will experience after a lengthy run. By minimizing motion, and keeping the muscle teams in place, the supplies help with amounts of pain you feel after a jog, and will help the human body naturally fix.


A good means to unwind, and help repair muscle and deep tissue damage, although not required. Request a massage approach which will be softer, and employs lower amounts of pressure to the legs, calves, and thighs during the session, if you do select to see a masseuse.

Set New Goals and Aim High

Once you have completed the race feeling disconnected or down, is common; in reality, most runners who are new to the athletics, will feel this way. A good way to recover focus, and generate, will be to immediately establish your new goals. You’re going to start training again, and will have some thing new to work for, when you try this. Whether it is still another half marathon, a complete marathon, triathlon or any large event, focusing your goals on some thing new, is the ideal means start working out again, and to escape a rut.

Not all runners are on exactly the same amount; for this reason, the half marathon restoration guide is going to change a bit for each runner. Some runners won’t want as much time off after the race, the others will select to forego the massages, and allow the body to normally fix on its own.

No matter the systems you select, it is recommended to lay-out a plan, and to stick to it, so as to avoid harms, and avoid over working the muscle teams which you have fatigued, with this lengthy race. It does not matter how experienced you happen to be, or how many half marathons you have run, the physique must rest.

Before beginning hefty training or more running distances again, be sure to go through the steps, and consider enough time off to stabilize the system. These simple tips will get you in your way to in your way to training for the following large event, in less time, and completely regaining in less time.

Woman in White Stretching in Park

Planning for Your First Half Marathon

Planning for beginner half marathon training begins with a target in mind. Bunch of folks have a target to run a half marathon – by running few people’s first race yet, they convert the goal to truth.

Preparation should start with a want to run the first half marathon and a dedication to dedicate time for training. Both these variables are essential for running the first race to achieve the aim.

Preparation is dependent upon the amount of your expertise that is jogging. If you don’t have a running encounter, then it’s vital that you begin training for a 5K race and slowly progress to develop your base that is running. If you’re at a level where you are able to run a 5K K /10, then you’ve got the running base needed to begin the training for the half marathon.

To be able to begin, make a list of races in your neighborhood and assess for the races in the reviews. Most likely, you are going to enjoy several races from your list. Depending on other variables like the time of the year the race is held, the time you need for training etc. you can narrow down the list and pick a race to run. This will be your first half marathon – so it’s vital that you decide the race carefully.

Once there is a race chosen, make a program (or a customized one) to dedicate a predetermined period of time for training. This will leave away a predetermined time for training on a weekly and daily basis. Having made a commitment when it comes to both these variables, you’re now prepared to begin training for your first race.

As a further measure, blocking the training time in your calendar and enrolling for the race signals dedication signals want to train for the race. Performing both these measures suggests you’re prepared to begin the training to achieve your aim of running your first half marathon.

The Echo of My Footsteps

Footstep after footstep,

The sound of my feet crunching against the sand echoes in my ears.

I power forward,

Lost in the upbeat rhythm of the music,

And the deep breathing.

The waves crash,

I keep moving.

Just a little running poetry to share with you on this fine December evening. I don’t get out to run on the beach as much as I’d like to in the colder weather, but I can dream!

In addition to my (amateur hour) poetry, I’m working on some story ideas. Here are a few that I am kicking around.

The story is about a computerized personality and a bigoted stylist. It takes place in a large nation on a storm-torn planet. The crux of the story involves a theft. The role of artificial intelligence in society plays a major role in the story.

This is a tale about man’s need for control. The story is about a zoologist who is in love with a computer programmer. It starts in a solar-system-spanning federation. Virtual reality addiction is a major part of the story.

This is a rags-to-riches story with a strong theme of the dangers of small-mindedness. The story is about a student with little money. It takes place in a small city on a fog-shrouded planet. Virtual reality addiction is a major part of the story.

The story is about a patronizing comic who is engaged to a trader. It starts in a village on a tropical planet. The story begins with a demotion and ends with temptation. The side effects of faster-than-light travel play a major role in the story.

The story is about a hunter who is constantly opposing a nurturing cab driver. It takes place in a dimensional warp. The story begins with a sport being played, climaxes with a slip of the tongue, and ends with a spiritual experience.

The story is about a politician who is obsessed with a terrorist. It takes place in a galaxy-spanning federation. The story begins with someone getting lost. The effects of extending lifespans is a major part of this story.

This is a gross-out comedy with an emphasis on madness. The story is about a physicist who has a mysterious admirer: a physicist. It starts in an orbital spaceport. The story begins with destruction, climaxes with a theft, and ends with a shopping trip. The question of when a machine becomes human is a major part of the story.

This is a killer-on-the-loose with an undercurrent about the frailty of human life. The story is about an unremarkable CEO, a first contact specialist, and a media technician who studies gamification and its impact on robot design. It takes place in a small nation on a volcanic planet. The critical element of the story is someone questioning authority.

This is a fish-out-of-water story. The story is about a posturing thief who is constantly opposing a persistent beggar. It takes place on a shadowy planet in a solar-system-spanning confederation. A major element of this story is technology being used by an elite few.

The story is about a disorganized surfer dude and an immature astrologer. It starts in a small nation on a fog-shrouded planet. The effects of extending lifespans is a major part of this story.

Happy Woman - Young

3 Great Tips to Ward off Aging

Anti-aging, remaining youthful, appearing younger or simply feeling younger is a multimillion dollar business. There is a great reason behind it. We’ve got an -aging generation. This generation is among the greatest generation in the world. Naturally, there is a large number of this people that don’t need to grow old. Thus, anti-aging products are uncontrolled in the market. But do not get ‘required’ by the unneeded products that play on the emotions of those who want to seem youthful.

The following are tricks and three secrets that may let you avoid the dangers of purchasing specific products which aren’t desired.

Secret Tip #1: Feed Your Face

If you feed your face with anti-aging food on a consistent basis, you will find it simpler to remain youthful. Another means is to simply be sure you’re not feeding your body full of crap that’s certain to perpetuate the aging process. Additionally, understand that if you try and escape the measure that is eating, you will grow old quicker. The body knows what it needs. Only give it to your body.

Secret Tip #2: Go Someplace and Do Something Fun

To put it differently, get up off the sofa, turn off the TV and do some anti-aging actions. This does not have to be work. Discover two or an action that you just love. Walk, jog, weight train, ride a bike, get on a pogo stick. Do anything that causes your body to transfer and push some action. This will enable your body to remain youthful by keeping you limber at precisely the same time and extending muscles.

Secret Tip #3: Have Fun

Mentioned previously for the #2 Anti-Aging Secret Tip was discovering something you love. That is the entire key of this whole post. Locate something you have fun doing. Only understand this, if drinking alcohol into a drunken stupor is the one thing you love, you aren’t going remain youthful for quite long. The truth is, you are doing this and if you are senior in age you may not appreciate remaining old. The key to the whole procedure for anti-aging would be to treat your body right and have fun.

Love life, remain youthful psychologically, emotionally, physically and you will find an anti-aging process that you just’ll be joyful about. That’ll give you impetus and the motivation to continue the lifestyle of anti-aging.